Daniel 2: History’s Panorama

A Startling Dream

1)    Is it safe to trust spiritualists or those who try to contact the dead? Daniel 2:2-5, 10, 11

2)    Who alone can accurately foretell the future? Daniel 2:27, 28

3)    What was Nebuchadnezzar’s dream dealing with? Daniel 2:19-23

Interpretation of the Dream

4)    What were the symbols that the dream was given under? Daniel 2:31-35

5)    What did the head of gold represent? Daniel 2:37, 38

6)    What is the city of Babylon called in the Bible? Isaiah 14:4

7)    Was another nation to arise after Babylon? Daniel 2:39a

8)    Did God foretell in other prophecies how Babylon would be captured and by who? Isaiah 44:26-28; 45:1, 2

9)    Was another nation to conquer the Medo-Persian empire? Daniel 2:39b

10)    What was the fourth and last empire to be as strong as? Daniel 2:40

11)    After this very strong empire, what came next? Daniel 2:41, 42

12)    What were men going to do to try to make this divided kingdom strong? Daniel 2:43

God’s Solution

13)    How is God going to intervene in world affairs? Daniel 2:44, 45

14)    Who is the rock? 1 Corinthians 10:4

15)    What happens when Jesus comes the second time and smites the nations? Revelation 11:15

16)    Who can we not be crushed when Jesus returns? Matthew 21:42-44

Although men may scoff saying that all things are going to continue as they have from the beginning, Jesus is going to come and put an end to all the sin and sorrow in this world. He will break in pieces all the kingdoms of this world and will set up His everlasting kingdom. Do you want to fall on Him now so that you can be broken from your pride, selfishness, and sin and won’t be crushed when He comes the second time?

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