Daniel 1: Ten Times Better

Importance of Studying Daniel

1)    Is Daniel a book that we need to study and understand? Matt. 24:15

2)    With what kind of men does the Bible rank Daniel? Ez. 14:20

Overcoming Temptation

3)    What made Daniel this kind of man? Dan. 1:8

4)    Why do many people loose this battle? James 1:8

5)    Is it even possible for us to attain to the height that Daniel did while trying to serve God and ourselves? Matt. 6:24

6)    What do we need to do in order to stand as did Daniel? Jos. 24:15

Daniel’s Diet

7)    What did Daniel believe was the best diet? Dan. 1:12

8)    How did Daniel know that this was the best diet for man? Gen. 1:29

9)    Is our health a topic of importance in the New Testament also? I Cor. 3:16, 17

10)    What does Paul tell us about what our diet is to be in the last days? I Cor. 10:6, 11

11)    What was the evil things that they also lusted after? Num. 11:4-6, 32-34

12)    Does the diet that God originally intended for man promote health? Dan. 1:15

13)    What did God do for Daniel since Daniel put God first? Dan. 1:17-20

14)    Will God do the same for us if we stand firm like Daniel did? Pv. 3:1, 2

Daniel is an example of steadfast integrity that we can safely copy. He made up His mind that he was not going to depart in the slightest bit from God’s will. We also must make up our minds that we will not disobey God. If Daniel would have deviated an inch he probably would have ended up an idolater. Daniel’s example also teaches us that we need to be very careful what we put into our mouths because it certainly can defile us. Will you make the choice that Daniel did to stand firm no matter what anyone else says?

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