Revelation 4: Come Up Here

Come Up Here

1) What was opened in heaven? Revelation 4:1

2) When else was heaven opened? Matthew 3:16, 17

3) How has this door been opened for us? Hebrews 4:14-16

4) Where is Jesus ministering as our High Priest? Hebrews 8:1, 2

5) Which apartment of this true tabernacle was opened at this time? Revelation 4:5

6) After the door was opened, what invitation is heard? Rev. 4:1

7) Where do our thoughts and attentions need to be? Col. 3:1, 2

8) Is the promise still to us that the Lord will reveal things after this? 1 Corinthians 2:9, 10

The Throne of the Almighty

9) What surrounds the throne of God? Revelation 4:2, 3

10) What is the promise of the rainbow? Genesis 9:13, 16

11) Where else is the beautiful rainbow located? Revelation 10:1

12) How was the beautiful promise of the rainbow illustrated in the earthly sanctuary? Exodus 25:16, 17

Heaven’s Ceaseless Activity

13) What were the elders clothed in? Rev. 4:4

14) What will the righteous one day wear? Rev. 19:7, 8

15) Will the righteous wear crowns? II Tim. 4:7, 8

16) What do the four beasts say to the Lord? Rev. 4:6-8

17) In order to see that glorious scene what must we become? I Pet. 1:15, 16

18) What is the twenty-four elder’s response to the four beasts? Rev. 4:9-11

19) If we are going to see that throne room, what do we need to learn to do? Phil. 4:4


The Lord has given us a glimpse into the view of the ceaseless activity around the throne of God, but more than this He has given us an invitation, “Come up here.” The Lord does not want us to dwell in the lowlands of this earth, but through contemplation of the glorious heavenly realities to join in praise with the heavenly beings. Will you through faith dwell among the glory of God that you may reveal His glory to those down below?

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