Revelation 2: The Letters of Jesus

Ephesus – An Apostolic Church

1) How did Jesus describe the church at Ephesus? Revelation 2:2, 3

2) What did this church hate? Revelation 2:6

3) How is Jesus care for His church illustrated in this church? Revelation 2:1; 1:20

4) What grave problem faced the early church? Revelation 2:4, 5

5) What special promise is given to the believers in an Ephesian condition? Revelation 2:7

Smyrna – A Persecuted Church

6) What was the predominate characteristic of the Smyrnan church? Revelation 2:10

7) How did Jesus describe Himself to these persecuted believers? Revelation 2:8

8) Where there those coming into the church that were not true believers? Revelation 2:9

9) What promise is given to the overcomers? Revelation 2:11

Pergamos – A Compromising Church

10) Where were the believers in the era of Pergamos dwelling? Revelation 2:13

11) What doctrine was permeating this era of Christianity? Revelation 2:14, 15

12) What is the doctrine of Balaam? 2 Peter 2:14, 15

13) What was Jesus message to these deluded believers? Revelation 2:12, 16

14) What promise was still sure to those who did not succumb to the temptations of Balaam and the Nicolaitans? Revelation 2:17

Thyatira – An Apostate Church

15) How had the spiritual condition gone from bad to worse in Thyatira? Revelation 2:20, 21

16) Who was Jezebel and what did this symbolism represent? 1 Kings 16:31, 32; 18:4; 19:2

17) What did the Lord say He would do to this unholy alliance? Revelation 2:22, 23

18) Where there even some in Thyatira who would follow the Lord the best they knew how? Revelation 2:24-25

19) What promise stood open for all who lived during this dark period of earth’s history? Revelation 2:26-29


The Lord knew and predicted the history of Christianity years before the dark pages of were written in blood. Always during every period of history, the Lord has held out a promise of love to those willing to follow Him: “to him who overcomes.” Will you determine by the grace of Christ to be an overcome and follow Jesus fully?


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