Revelation 1: A Revelation of Jesus Christ

Introduction to Revelation

1) What does the book of Revelation primarily reveal? Revelation 1:1

2) How many descriptions of Jesus can you find in chapter one alone?

3) When God gives prophecy what does He do to it? Revelation 1:1; Hosea 12:10

4) What threefold blessing is pronounced upon those studying Revelation? Revelation 1:3

5) Where the fulfillment of the prophecies imminent even in John’s day? Revelation 1:3

6) Are the prophecies imminent today, as well? How could the fulfillment of the prophecies be imminent both in John’s day and our day?

The Theme of Revelation

7) Who is sending this message of blessing and hope? Revelation 1:4-5

8) What is the first message we must know and understand before getting into any of the prophecies? Revelation 1:5

9) What part do we get to play in this fascinating Revelation of Jesus Christ? Revelation 1:6

10) What is the theme of the book of Revelation in a nutshell? Revelation 1:7

11) How does this glimpse of Revelation in a nutshell conclude? What then is the beginning and ending of Revelation and sum all the way through? Revelation 1:8

12) How do the descriptions of Jesus compare with the Father? Revelation 1:8, 11, 4, 22:13

The Revelation

13) Who is bringing this message of hope and blessing? Revelation 1:13

14) How is Jesus described? What lessons can we learn from Jesus’ description? Revelation 1:12-16

15) What experience was John going through when Jesus appeared to him? Revelation 1:9

16) When did Jesus appear to the apostle John? Revelation 1:10; Mark 2:27, 28

17) What does the book of Revelation reveal? Revelation 1:19

18) What promise must we remember with every prophecy? Revelation 1:17, 18


As we study the book of Revelation, we must always remember who Revelation is revealing: our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Will you surrender your life fully to Him that he may wash you and cleanse you from your sins in His blood and that you may be prepared for the final events of the Revelation?

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